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THIS WEEK: Design School
Let's take a far more serious tack with this week's question. These posters for the Cincinnati Academy of Design, from an agency called Northlich, "were done to help high school kids understand that a career in design is OK," says copywriter Jeffrey Warman. "And that going to only a two-year portfolio school is OK, too, and it might even get you somewhere in life. Or at least it might get you a career in advertising." Well, maybe. We're not sure we fully grok the ads (you can spell boobies on a calculator?; how useful is an X-Acto nowadays?), but we're hoping design professionals can provide a richer perspective. Hello, designers? Are these good ads? Do they achieve their intended purpose? If you'd seen these when you were in high school, what would you be doing today? Send your comments to [email protected].

LAST WEEK: Fetishes
Last week's question: In which you were asked to enumerate all the fetishes this Equinox woman is exploiting. The winner is Market Access International's almost perfectly named Jennifer Gaag (we can only hope she marries a guy named Ball), with: sadism, masochism, bondage, domination, feet, shoes, leather, prison, contortion, stockings and latex. It's a pretty good list; some may be questionable and the absence of arm sweat, bangs, knee/elbow wraps and medicine balls is glaring, but a solid effort nonetheless. Thanks, Jen, you rock.
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