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This week's question: Well, last week's Guess the Ad (see below) was such a hit — we got more entries than Screamin' Dean gets votes lately — we're doing it again. This ad, image shown in full, has all the explanatory bits on the right side cropped away. What's it selling? Send your guesses to [email protected]. You can win a cookie.

LAST WEEK: Painfully hot wings
Last week's question: In which you were asked to guess the client on this strangely wounded whatzit. Second runner-up is Uttam Chopra, a writer at Mobile2win, who says, "Adidas, simply because the wounds form three stripes like the Adidas logo." No, but Adidas' lawyers, with Laila Ali as bodyguard, are no doubt on the case at this very moment. First runner-up is Don Citarella, CD at Era 404 Creative Group LLC, who figures it's "United Colors of Benetton." Good try, but it's not disgusting enough for Benetton. And the winner is Ben Wolan, a student at the Miami Ad School in San Francisco, who writes, "I saw this ad when I was in Prague. It's selling hot wings at a bar/restaurant there . . . some place with a fish name. Do I win a cookie? Or an art director's job?" Someone hire this guy and give him a cookie at the interview, OK? He gets an A+ rating for honesty. Yes, it's an ad, one of a wincingly graphic series, for the hot wings at the Barracuda Cafe in Prague, from Czech agency Mark/BBDO. Not too Kafkaesque!
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