Let's Play Guess the Ad

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THIS WEEK: Guess the Ad
We had a very serious question last week, so let's try a game of Guess the Ad. This is a real ad for a real client. We've cropped just the right-hand edge of the ad, which contains the headline and the logo — it's largely a no-copy piece dominated by the image seen here, which is shown in full. What's it selling? Send your guesses to [email protected] immediately.

LAST WEEK: What's a Designer?
Last week's question: In which you were asked to evaluate these ads for the Cincinnati Academy of Design. Angela Glenn (www.glenndesign.com) was kind enough to write us this letter:

I'm an instructor of visual communication design at Cal State Long Beach. I think the spirit and culture of the ads is wonderful, but if there are high school kids out there who know what a "designer" is, I'd be amazed. Every semester, I give my students a questionnaire in which I ask them to write down their top three questions about the graphic design or advertising industries, or about the class, or the design program at the school. For six straight semesters, the top question is always, "What is graphic design?" Even though my class is midway down the career path to becoming a graphic designer, the students don't seem to know what it is they've signed on for. Like every other designer out there, I struggle to answer the same question in casual conversation, at cocktail parties and in business situations every day. Even though awareness of our field has grown exponentially in recent years, we still get quizzical looks upon revealing our profession to strangers. I don't think these ads would generate enough curiosity to entice kids to find out about the school. I think at that level, backing up to explain what graphic design is would be more interesting and effective.

Thank you, Angela. Now, we have to wonder: Is it really that bad out there? College students studying design don't even know what it is? This contest remains open; feel free to send us your musings on the subject.

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