QUESTION OF THE WEEK: She don't use jelly?

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Like butter!
Wow! No lad will Skippy over this babe when paging through a manly mag. Even Peter Pan would respond to this in a Jif. We love this nakedly sexist ad, and we thank CD Julie Cimpko, who works in-house for Next Proteins, for sending it. (Additional credits to designer Jorge Naranjo and photographer William Hawkes.) What's even better, Cimpko is a woman and she's not the least bit ashamed to be pandering to the food fantasies of ravenous young men. "The campaign is essentially a play on words — mainly the flavors of our protein candy bars — with a bit of sarcasm," she explains. "We consider our brand image bold, innovative and fun. The men's magazines we advertise in are typically overloaded with the traditional inspirational fitness campaigns. We wanted to do something unexpected and disruptive, since we were introducing an entirely new category to the market: a protein bar that tastes like a candy bar." Like, awesome. Now for the question: If this chick were a sandwich, what kind of jelly would you use to complete the meal? Send your entries to [email protected] today! Winner gets to wrestle Paris Hilton in a hydrogenated oil match.

Last Week's Question: Who's the model in this PS2 ad? And the winner is Callahan Creek's G.B. Caedo: "Michael Jackson with a pair of overnight guests." Thanks, G.B. It's never too late to pile on Jacko! The runner-up, in a similar vein, so to speak, is J.S. Mares of Propel Creative: "The Olsen twins plus some guy the modeling agency sent over." Great minds think alike, dude.
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