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We found this in Elle Girl — a magazine that, based on a quick flip-through, seems to be entirely about pressuring girls to be 104-pound models — but let's address this drug issue, shall we? Is this ad sending you to or is it sending you to the nearest meth lab? And if you're in the target group, we'd like to know: Are you being pressured, as the ad claims, to get high? Rate it on the Rate the Ad-o-mometer's six-degree scale of excellence, with 5 being the top score: 5 World-changing, 4 Great, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Forgettable, 0 Actively Annoying. And feel free to comment on the art direction, the photography, the copy, whatever. Click the ad to play.

The Two Tenners
The Two Tenners
Last week's Rate the Ad. Hey, we've got a winner. Using the new, improved four tiers/two tiers split on the Rate the Ad-o-mometer, we've got a fabulous Good/Bad ratio of 59/41. Even with the old three/three split, a 39% Great/Good rating is very hot stuff around here. The biggest objection to this Brazilian Novo Mundo ad was the fact that both currencies here are English, making something of a disconnect with the "Choose the language" idea, but otherwise, outside of the handful of people who didn't get the whole money exchange thing, the imagery, freaky as it may be, went over like free money. Anyway, here are the results.

5 World-changing 0%
4 Great 14%
3 Good 25%
2 Fair 20%
1 Forgettable 24%
0 Actively Annoying 17%

And here are some of our fave responses.

4 Funny, effective, works in any language.

3 Looks like a drag queen I saw in Portland once.

2 I think the alien on the page started talking to me. I'm scared.

0 If the purpose of this ad is to give consumers the same headache they'd get when dealing with various currencies, then this is a very successful ad.

2 It's like looking at someone when you're not quite sure what their sex is. So you look again, and then again without trying to get caught.

3 A very interesting visual that grabs the viewer's attention -- and what works so well is that it doesn't look like an ad.

3 A cost-effective concept.

3 The visual is so intriguingly bizarre, you'll probably study it long enough to absorb the tagline.

2 I like the creepy blending of the two faces, and I like the headline but I find the typography, the layout and the plain background a bit weak.

3 The anti-aesthetic statement of this got me to look closer. And I even understood it!

4 Flippin' cool.

2 Not bad ... I just bought a sandwich with it.

4 A perfect example of cool work for a boring client.

2 Clean and simple, but any exchange can change a dollar for a pound.

2 It looks more like an ad for a sex change operation.

2 Half of me says "good"; half of me says "wacko."

3 Delicious image, but how about a little more info on the service?

3 This is even cooler than the Kurt Cobain dollars I saw in the Virgin Megastore last week.

Call for Entries
Creativity's May 2006 Advertising/Design Annual
Send us your best print and outdoor ads, posters, collateral, brand ID, annual reports, promotions, graphic design and packaging from 2005. Submissions Guidelines: Do not include actual paper ads or any paper text materials with your submission. Only digital files will be considered. File specs: 300 dpi, CMYK or RGB. File types: .pdf, .eps, .tif, or .jpg are acceptable but uncompressed jpeg files are recommended. Minimum image size: 5x7. NO Zip or Stuffit archive files will be accepted. Complete credits and a brief explanation of the strategy/execution of the project MUST be included on the CD in a Word doc, along with details of any awards the work might have won, as well as phone and e-mail contact info.
Send submissions on a single disc to: Terry Kattleman, May Annual, Creativity Magazine, 711 Third Ave., New York, NY 10017. Work must have appeared in 2005. No spec work or student work will be considered. Foreign submissions are encouraged. No more than THREE campaigns/projects per company/office will be considered. There is NO fee for submissions. Work must be submitted by March 31, 2006.
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