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Positive Charge?
This week's Rate the Ad. How about an abrupt change of pace: we're going from a transsexual to a . . . can. Does this ad give you a positive charge? Rate it on a six-degree taste scale of excellence on the PrintCritic Sweet Meter, with 5 being the top score: 5 Very Sweet, 4 Sweet, 3 Semi-Dry 2 Dry, 1 Extra Dry, 0 Sour. And feel free to write in your comments about the art direction, the photography, the copy, the concept, the logo, the package design, whatever. Click here to play.

Kiss or Miss?
Last week's Rate the Ad. Well, Amanda Lepore for The Sharper Image took, shall we say, a lot of lip. Plenty of Joan Rivers jokes, sex toy jokes and just a whole bunch of knee-jerk horror at the sheer sight of her. But there's a sizable number of pollees who appreciate The Sharper Image's completely left-field attempt at downtown intrusiveness. The Good/Bad ratio, comparing the top half of the Sweet Meter to the bottom half, is a fairly respectable 48/52. Here are the results.

5 Very Sweet 11%
4 Sweet 23%
3 Semi-Dry 14%
2 Dry 9%
1 Extra Dry 14%
0 Sour 29%

And here are some of our fave responses.

1 I didn't know they sold hermaphrodites at Sharper Image. What's that white thing she's standing next to?

1 I looked at this ad several times before I noticed the air purifier. It was difficult getting past the rictus.

5 I love this because it's honest and shows horrible, shitty reality, which is what advertising hates to show. Notice the mother and child to the left of that gorgeous skanky madam. First class!

4 It rocks.

0 This manages to ruin any and every preconceived notion I had of the Sharper Image in one foul swoop.

4 This is an ad designed either with a total disregard for the brand's image and demographic in mind, or it's trying too hard to flip brand perception on its ear. Either way, it's certainly brave.

5 Tthere's just so much wrong with this ad, I want to bring it home and feed it like that last hustler I adopted.

0 Didn't even see the air purifier until someone pointed it out. I thought it was an environmental message for New York.

0 Will it work on my brain? Can I spotless-mind this ad from my memory? It doesn't make all that much sense, doesn't make me want to buy one and not even the ghost of Andy Warhol can make an air filter cool.

5 It's so nasty, it made me look at it long enough to figure out it was selling a fan.

5 The brand doesn't take itself too seriously and the self-deprecating humor of the model wins me over. It's easily campaignable. I wish I had done it.

5 Yay Sharper Image. Glad to see the logic pants are finally on the floor.

3 It seems a bit forced. Like Grateful Dead music in a minivan ad.

0 Frankly, this ad has soured my morning. Why not wheel out the Elephant Man's skeleton while we're at it!

2 OK, it's edgy. But is it edgy because you're trying to figure out if this is Steven Tyler in drag or if this is his mother?

4 Trying to tap into the wealthy NYC underground weirdo market? Ballsy move, Sharper Image, I no longer think you're Republican.

0 The Monty Python typeface is the perfect finishing touch to this train wreck.

5 I love it! I ripped it out and hung it on my cube wall. It's so funny because in some weird way it's true; it's so random.

3 Thought this was an anti-Giuliani ad.

0 What next, the guy with no legs selling the Turbo Groomer 5.0!?

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