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Right On?
This week's Rate the Ad. We confess we don't quite get this left hand/right hand dichotomy, but we're not even close to the target. According to the Diamond Trading Co. website, the diamond right-hand ring is the newest trend in baubledom, and it "signifies the strength, success and independence of women of the 21st century." Uh, right. So put your best 21st century finger forward and rate this on a six-degree taste scale of excellence on the Sweet Meter, with 5 being the top score: 5 Very Sweet, 4 Sweet, 3 Semi-Dry 2 Dry, 1 Extra Dry, 0 Sour. And feel free to write in your comments about the art direction, the photography — what's with that blinding flash? — the model, the (Marxist-inspired?) copy, the typography, the logo, the concept, whatever. Click here to play.

Now in Guano Berry
Last week's Rate the Ad. We're afraid the Atkins Advantage bar was not seen to great advantage. The Good/Bad ratio, comparing the top half of the Sweet Meter to the bottom half, is an energy-deficient 42/58, with one of the lowest High Five percentages we've yet seen. There was a lot of trouble with the headline as a sign; the sea gull on a mountain; and the very notion of mountaineering as a low-carb event. Here are the results.

5 Very Sweet 5%
4 Sweet 19%
3 Semi-Dry 18%
2 Dry 18%
1 Extra Dry 19%
0 Sour 21%

And here are some of our fave responses.

2 If you're going to go with an idea, don't wimp out at the last second by including the sign that states the obvious.

3 I had to look at it for a minute or so before i figured out what's going on and what the actual message is. In my opinion, the smarter the ad, the simpler it is — and this is not one of them.

3 Finally, a concept I like. But why is he holding the headline?

2 Lance Armstrong ate meals that were 75% carbs during the Tour de France. I would imagine if you were halfway up that rock face, you'd want the competition's nutrition bar — with the much needed carbs.

1 The buffet looks a heck of a lot more appealing than a wrapper. Which one would you choose? Backfire!

0 Poor. Half-baked idea. And sombody get that bird out of there!

4 Good idea, good visual, great copy. The sign would be easier to read without the redundant product shot, but that's all I'd change.

5 Targets the demographic and gets the point across in a funny, eye-catching and memorable way. Innovative use of the headline.

3 The concept isn't bad, but quoting the client's strategy brief is not the way to generate creative copy.

2 I thought Atkins was for overweight people who sit behind a desk all day. Why not do the same concept but with someone stuck in rush hour traffic or on a crowded subway?

1 The only thing this has going for it is that it restrained itself from being better than the dreadful packaging and Atkins logo it has to co-exist with.

5 A clear and unarguable product benefit demonstrated in a novel but simple way.

1 How could you blatantly lie more about a product? Advantage bars being so closely linked to weight-conscious urbanites, this ad deviates from the target group by associating the brand with an outdoorsy, energetic kind of protein bar.

1 Those on the Atkins Diet avoid any physical activity, choosing instead to find the most unhealthy, gluttonous way possible to lose weight. Then they work their low-carb lifestyle into every discussion they can, their double chins coated with a thin glaze of bacon grease and low-carb chocolate chip ice cream.

2 Is that arrow pointing to a bad execution or the love child of a duck and an eagle? Sometimes I so wish Photoshop had not been invented.

1 A father AD's advice: Son, just file under "My First Ad," laugh it off when the next CD sees it in your book, blame it on the writer/client and never look back.

1 This ad works hard to illustrate an important reason why it's a good idea to have a sneeze guard on your salad bar.

0 Any ad that starts with "because" is an automatic F. Lazy, lazy copywriting.

2 Nothing new here. There are a lot of bars in the world. Every one of them fits in a pocket.

0 So many missed opportunities that I actually experienced Stendhal's Syndrome.

0 Cut the guy loose, re-Photoshop out the fake sea gull, nix the sign and paint the headline on the cliff face. Then I give it a 1.

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