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High Road or Low Road?
This Toyota Highlander execution is about moving, but is it moving forward? Does this ad have its whole life ahead of it? Rate it on a six-degree taste scale of excellence on the Sweet Meter, with 5 being the top score: 5 Very Sweet, 4 Sweet, 3 Semi-Dry, 2 Dry, 1 Extra Dry, 0 Sour. And feel free to offer your comments on the photography, the art direction, the copy, the concept, the tagline, the typography, whatever. Click here to play.

We're Not in Kansas Anymore
Last week's Rate the Ad. Pfizer's Relpax may be getting a swelled head now that it came up a winner on the Sweet Meter, with a 54/46 Good/Bad ratio — comparing the top half of the meter to the bottom half — and a fairly healthy 34% in the Sweet Zone. Yes, there were plenty of references to guess who from The Wizard of Oz; there are migraine sufferers who like the ad and others who don't; there are people who fail to comprehend the oblivious co-workers and there are plenty more who claim to work with folks who are just as clueless; and there was an ongoing fashion critique about terrible color combos in office attire. But most people will offer a nod of the throbbing noggin to any pharma ad that just doesn't totally suck. Anyway, here are the results.

5 Very Sweet 10%
4 Sweet 23%
3 Semi-Dry 21%
2 Dry 16%
1 Extra Dry 15%
0 Sour 15%

And here are some of our fave responses.

0 If you have certain types of taste, a history of design or uncontrolled blood pressure, you should not take Relpax or its ads seriously.

1 It could have come from a local auto dealer.

0 There's this new thing called kerning. It should really change the whole ad world.

5 Since I have a migraine today, I can relate — this is exactly what it feels like. Where can I get me some of this stuff?

2 Lemon skirt and navy shoes do not go together. I'm actually happy she was smashed by a meteorite for wearing an outfit like that.

3 The image is good, but the headline could be better. It feels a little see-say to me. However, as far as prescription drug ads go, this is one of the better ones I've seen.

4 You have this calm atmosphere contrasted by this woman under a rock, it totally caught my eye. Awesome color scheme. I like.

0 Why focus on the negative? Migraine sufferers already know what an attack feels like.

4 Laughter is great medicine.

1 Who did the casting on this? It's just like at my office, we have GQ models working in the mailroom, too!

5 Anybody who has ever had a migraine can identify with this ad. I love it. Strong visuals and key words convey the concept quickly and clearly.

0 Is that what a migraine looks like? I thought it was a kidney stone.

5 I can't say my migraines have ever been this entertaining, but this ad actually makes me look forward to getting one.

0 A migraine can hurt like hell, but this is a stupid way to represent it. Most of the image is gray except for the dude on the right, and he caught my attention first and held it longer.

0 My wife gets severe migraines. I showed her this ad. She got another one.

2 I want the drug everybody else in the photo is on.

4 Sweet, only because it's virtually impossible to do anything remotely interesting with a pharma account.

3 Why does the lower half of that woman's body look like a librarian?

4 Casting aside, it's nice to see some ideas making it into pharmaceutical advertising. I hope that's my AE under there.

3 Anytime feet are sticking out from under something seemingly immobile, I'm bound to laugh.

4 I get migraines — a meteorite falling on my head and knocking me out while crushing my spine would actually be preferable.

2 The knockout concept is definitely there, but I wish there was a better way of visualizing it instead of being so humiliatingly simplistic. Too much copy and too many people in the picture — the ad has too many things to say.

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