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table border="0" width="10" align="left" bgcolor="ffffff"> Ace in the piehole?, as seen in Razor, hence the bonus code. Are you all-in on this ad or would you like to give it a flush? Rate it on a six-degree taste scale of excellence on the Sweet Meter, with 5 being the top score: 5 Very Sweet, 4 Sweet, 3 Semi-Dry, 2 Dry, 1 Extra Dry, 0 Sour. And feel free to offer your comments on the photography, the art direction, the copy, the concept, the logo, the typography, whatever. Click here to play.

Last week's Rate the Ad. American Airlines may know why you fly, but this ad sure didn't take off. It wouldn't make much of a flotation device, going only 42/58 on the Sweet Meter's Good/Bad ratio — comparing the top half of the meter to the bottom half. But it wasn't widely hated. Its biggest numbers — 46% of the voting — are in the middle-tiered So-So Zone. The Mile High Club was a predictable frequent reference here, despite that fact that many entrants noted that the lovers' faces don't appear to be aligned for any sort of kissing normally practiced by humans — though the very notion of "PDA" was met with a lot of surprising censure. Then there was the copy. That "Including one back from never leaving your hotel room" line struck many as quite the head-scratcher. Even the placement of "We know why you fly" came in for some turbulence. Anyway, here are the results.

5 Very Sweet 5%
4 Sweet 16%
3 Semi-Dry 21%
2 Dry 25%
1 Extra Dry 16%
0 Sour 17%

And here are some of our fave responses.

1 What?

2 The last thing I want to see at an airport is people making out.

3 Nice concept in the broadest sense, but all the details are wrong. All of them!

2 I believe Greyhound has a similar ad for divorced couples.

0 Sure, sex sells but is having a cockpit as your logo really necessary?

2 I want to know why she's making out with his nose. And who wears a denim shirt with white pants? Is he flying in to work at the Gap later?

4 Suprisingly sexy for American Airlines.

1 A proposal at a baggage carousel? Get real.

1 I don't get it. And what's the blue dot on the bottom left?

4 Nice line, baby.

0 Horrendous strategy. Who cares if you know why I fly?! I only care if my plane leaves on time, has enough legroom, is reasonably clean and doesn't crash en route.

1 Since when did start running an airline?

3 I like the idea, just not sure I understand the copy. If she's back from never leaving her hotel room, doesn't that mean she left her hotel room?

5 It certainly taps into every single female's deepest desires to find a man, jump on a plane with nothing but the clothes on your back and then make out with him in the airport. Three cheers for sex-motivated travel!

1 This couple belongs at a bus terminal.

0 She doesn't even have a purse, for chrissakes.

3 They took an exciting event and made it dull. In other words, it does not make me want to fly AA.

0 This just reinforces the notion that SouthWest and JetBlue know why we fly. And he seems to be sucking her chin, she his nose.

2 Why use an image of one of the worst aspects of the airlines . . . your baggage that never arrives.

0 They either lost their luggage, took no luggage or didn't notice that someone stole their luggage. In any case, that's not why I fly.

5 Excellent. Interesting image. Helps establish American Airlines as a "human" brand.

0 Oh. I thought I was flying to experience the crappy old terminals, beat-up planes, lame snack boxes and surly flight attendants who make us yearn for the heyday of Aeroflot.

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