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Wetting Your Whistle?
Let's stay in extreme sports mode. Once you've got a Suunto watch (see below), we're figuring you simply have to have . . . a Mako 12 hydration pack. Is this ad running uphill or downhill for you? Rate it on the Sweet Meter's six-degree taste scale of excellence, with 5 being the top score: 5 Very Sweet, 4 Sweet, 3 Semi-Dry, 2 Dry, 1 Extra Dry, 0 Sour. And feel free to offer your comments on the photography, the art direction, the copy, the concept, the logo, the tagline, whatever. Click here to play.

One Paw Up
Last week's Rate the Ad. It has plenty of sweat and tears, but it lacks blood, as so many entrants pointed out — though it didn't lack for urine sample jokes. Nevertheless, this strange Suunto watch ad comes close to breaking even but it fails to "show off to the lady next door," going 46/54 on the Sweet Meter's Good/Bad ratio — comparing the top half of the meter to the bottom half. The mono-limbed rabbit is clearly an acquired taste, some pollees loving it, some hating it, while the prominent $499 price tag on the watch was almost universally reviled. Many of you took the trouble to ponder the tiny copy, and a few of you even complained about the "excercise" typo. Anyway, here are the results.

5 Very Sweet 7%
4 Sweet 228%
3 Semi-Dry 17%
2 Dry 18%
1 Extra Dry 17%
0 Sour 19%

And here are some of our fave responses.

1 They couldn't decide on one idea so they used them all.

4 I'm a sucker for instructional art. Though can anyone explain this EPOC thing to me?

2 A $499 watch? Whoa, this ad makes it look like a $4.99 watch.

0 Why is it that every creative wants to produce one of these retro illustrated ads, even for products and services that don't warrant the treatment? If this is supposed to be a state-of-the-art product, prove it to me.

4 Nice design. The crippled bunny made the ad for me.

2 If you do something unusual but no one knows why, is it still good?

1 Should reading an ad be harder than running a marathon? All I know is I hit the wall just after the headline. Getting through the rest of all those words just plain hurt. Great illustration, though.

1 I worked up a huge sweat just trying to figure out what was going on here. If you ask me to spend $500, it should at least be clear what the product does.

2 Good idea. Good art direction. The copy was apparently translated from the original Japanese.

1 What does training have to do with luck? The rabbit is way too corny.

4 A nice combination of old styles. The background poster and the "information packet" grab the attention and play off of each other well. My only gripe is the seemingly random rabbit.

1 I'm confused about EPOC, grateful rabbits and whether the client actually saw this ad before it appeared.

4 Love the bunny, the carmine red, the folded-paper copy section, but I wish the product weren't pictured — it's taking up beautiful ad space.

2 What an original idea! Using a big illustration, then having the important technical info, masterfully written as small as the human eye can squint, crammed at the bottom of the page.

3 The only thing that doesn't fit is the price. This ad would work better for a Fossil.

0 I had to look at this for five minutes to figure out what the product was, and then I realized I didn't care.

1 I thought this was pretty cool till I noticed the amputee rabbit icon. That just creeped me out.

0 If I found this ad on the floor, I'd rub the art director's nose in it and put him outside.

5 The rabbit alone makes this ad.

0 I work out six days a week, so I'm potentially the target customer. This ad does not make me want to buy this "sports instrument." Measuring sweat in a glass is just disgusting!

2 Are Sweat and Tears the guys who analyzed the training effect?

0 I love the poor peg-legged bunny, but he seems to belong in a lottery or casino ad. I just don't get it.

4 This is the first ad I've seen that made me want an ugly watch.

5 Fabulous! Bold imagery to easily attract attention, unique use of space for the body copy, very easy to relate to.

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