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Two Severed Thumbs Up?
Two Severed Thumbs Up?

About 20 Thumbs Down
About 20 Thumbs Down
Did you see Saw? We saw Saw. Sorry, we just had to say that. And we just had to do a movie ad, a new category for Rate the Ad, so we thought we'd see what happens with Saw II, which we haven't seen, but this ad has achieved some media notoriety for having its original severed fingers unsevered, as it were, by the MPAA. So let's rate it on the Rate the Ad-o-mometer's six-degree scale of excellence, with 5 being the top score: 5 World-changing, 4 Outstanding, 3 Good, 2 Forgettable, 1 Actively annoying, 0 The worst. And feel free to offer your comments on the art direction, the photography, the copy, the typography, the concept, whatever. Click here to play.

Last week's Rate the Ad. We didn't pick this ad because it was Halloween week, but the one-word summation of the excessively fingered broadband domination dude is "Creepy." If it were a two-word summation, "Very creepy." Three words, "Creeped me out." Who knew that a little harmless Photoshop fun would result in pained outpourings about Dr. Moreau, stem cell research and Chernobyl? Even the seeming hypodermic needle in the dude's palm freaked people out. This makes, oddly enough, for a miserable tie with the previous week's big chest/tiny burger MasterCard ad, with a Good/Bad Ratio of 27/73 on the Rate the Ad-o-mometer — comparing the top tiers of the scale to the bottom tiers. Besides "creepy," the big theme this week was — and we can't imagine where this came from — masturbation. We're not touching those entries, though we have to admit, "I'd like to be this guy's penis for a day" is a good comment. But we must note that besides the expected "I've seen it before" remarks — see the student Game Boy ads at, for example — several players are convinced this ad must be inspired by, of all things, a far stranger piece by self-obsessed sculptor Tim Hawkinson, seen, among other places, at the Whitney Museum in New York earlier this year. Anyway, here are the results.

5 World-changing 1%
4 Outstanding 9%
3 Good 17%
2 Forgettable 18%
1 Actively annoying 38%
0 The worst 17%

And here are some of our fave responses.

0 ICK! Extremely creepy visual violently repels me from even reading the copy. Were this in a magazine, I would not be able to turn the page fast enough to relieve that creepiness.

2 So it's so complex it takes you five hands and 25 fingers to use it? And that logo has always pissed me off.

3 The image grabbed me, but the unfocused copy has no grip.

0 Tell the junior designer to stop playing with Photoshop and get back to work!

1 I count three different tags on this ad.

1 I don't know how that shows having the upper hand. Being deformed is a disadvantage, this is not appealing at all.

1 This ad gives me the heebie-jeebies! I don't which is creepier: hands at the end of fingers, a website called Richer Deeper Broader or "dominance" as a tag.

2 I voted "forgettable" in the hopes there's a slim chance this unforgettably creepy visual won't haunt me in my sleep.

1 I just find it plain disgusting.

1 I used to work with a copywriter who has 12 toes. That was cooler.

1 So exactly how does having 25 creepy-looking miniature fingers give one speed, control and omnipotence?

4 Nice melding of icky Photoshopping with a subdued palette.

1 "Omnipotence"? It's directed at gamers?

3 Visually stimulating in a mutated fashion. It works for the demographic they're going after.

1 You need that many fingers to type the URL.

4 The size and color of the font makes the copy a little hard to read, but the wacky art is compelling enough to make me look closely and read it anyway, and the message would make me want to learn more if I were a gamer.

4 Cool, arresting image.

0 That image makes me want to scratch my eyes out and tear apart my brain in search of the gray matter holding the memory of it.

2 The photo manipulation made me look, but the ad gave me no info and I lost interest.

1 Aaah!!! My eyes, my eyes!!!!
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