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Does This Light Your Lucky?
Does This Light Your Lucky?
" Nicoderm CQ, as found, oddly, in the girlie-girl pages of Marie Claire. This is the whole ad. Is it giving you a shot in the arm? Rate it on the Rate the Ad-o-mometer's (freshly revised) six-degree scale of excellence, with 5 being the top score: 5 World-changing, 4 Great, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Forgettable, 0 Actively Annoying. And feel free to offer your comments on the art direction, the photography, the copy, the typography, the concept, whatever. Click here to play.

Concerto Gross-o
Concerto Gross-o
Last week's Rate the Ad. Well, so much for the art of the toilet and nude cello playing, which went over a lot better when Charlotte Moorman used to do it with Nam Jun Paik, but that was mainly about TV, not TP. Indeed, toilet paper was a recurring theme here, but the big motif this week was anorexia, bulimia and the unfortunate proximity of a toilet, which kinda brings it all home in the wrong way. Though many agree that if the woman, skinny as she may be, was simply sitting on the toilet while she did her Yo-Yo mama, things would be a lot better. Right, that'll happen. At any rate, Kohler pulls only a 41/59 Good/Bad ratio on the Rate the Ad-o-mometer — comparing the top tiers of the scale to the bottom tiers. Here are the results.

5 World-changing 3%
4 Great 12%
3 Good 26%
2 Fair 23%
1 Forgettable 19%
0 Actively Annoying 17%

And here are some of our fave responses.

2 This is taking bathroom appliances a bit too seriously. I mean, c'mon, it's a toilet.

3 Elegant without being cheesy. It is, after all, glorifying a shitter.

2 Elegant, yes, but the focus goes away from the product.

2 Nothing like nudity (almost) to detract from the product.

3 This ad features a strong base and a beautiful finish.

0 It's not Kohler that has the "bold look" in this tawdry tableau; it's narcissism disguised as a scarecrow.

3 Reminds me of the elegant and beautiful Standard Plumbing ads of the 1920s, though the Photoshopping creates a weird forced perspective that throws me off.

1 Crazy woman sits nude in the bathroom playing cello to herself in an set of oversized mirrors ... someone needs to give the folks at Kohler a swirly in their own product.

0 If they're going to speak of curves, couldn't they hire a curvy model?

2 Could they reach any further for a concept? Personally, I always find it unnerving to have musicians in the bathroom with me.

1 I had no idea what Kohler was when I saw this ad, and I left with no idea.

2 It's a feng shui nightmare.

0 Nice touch with the post-Dachau model.

2 If she was playing the cello while sitting on the john, I think we'd have an ad, but this is just a great image. It doesn't make me want to buy a toilet.

3 Definitely will catch your attention, and the message is simple but clear. I like it.

3 Kudos to Kohler for bringing highbrow eroticism into the bathroom.

0 When people complain about gratuitous nudity in advertising, this is what they mean.

1 People have many urges in bathrooms, but the urge to whip out a cello is a new one on me.

0 "Graceful lines"? It looks like the woman's waist was whittled by the largest brush in Microsoft Paint.

4 Nothing beats a naked woman playing an instrument.

0 Creepy. Barbie's Dream House meets the Wax Museum.
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