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Rate This Ad
This week's Rate the Ad. Let's play some golf. This Top-Flite ad was found in Sports Illustrated. Rate it on a six-degree taste scale of excellence on the PrintCritic Sweet Meter, with 5 being the top score: 5 Very Sweet, 4 Sweet, 3 Semi-Dry 2 Dry, 1 Extra Dry, 0 Sour. And feel free to write in your comments, about the art direction/photography, the copy, the concept, the brand, whatever. Click here to play.

Don't Go There?
Last week's Rate the Ad. This distinctly offbeat Grand Marnier lesbian-themed piece registered significantly right across the Sweet Meter, but its Good/Bad ratio — if we distinguish the top half of the meter from the bottom half — ran 45/55, so it gets an overall negative review, and its single biggest bloc of votes was a goose egg. In addition, there were more than a few complaints that the ad borrows a bit too heavily from the well-known Sauza campaign tagged, "Life is harsh. Your tequila shouldn't be." Here are the returns:

5 Very Sweet 10% 4 Sweet 15% 3 Semi-Dry 20% 2 Dry 19% 1 Extra Dry 15% 0 Sour 21%

And our fave comments, presented in no particular order:

1 It's wholly irresponsible to suggest that drinking will make an uncomfortable interaction easier. That idea has been the start of many regrettable actions and wicked hangovers.

0 Completely spurious link between brand and topical issue. Sad, because Grand Marnier would have a unique history if anyone cared to "interview the product."

2 I think the headline would have worked better for a small but daring chain of jewelry stores. It's a funny premise, but what does it have to do with Grand Marnier?

0 The humor seems too lowbrow for an upper-class brand of liquor.

1 Cliff Freeman just called. He wants his Sauza concept back. And what is the deal with the hard-sell call to action? What is this, a Chevy dealer ad?

3 The headline is small and then big. Unfortunately the trendy idea behind the headline is only small. I do like the tagline, though.

0 I think it's demeaning to lesbians — it says when bad news happens, get drunk.

2 It seems that they're trying to make a bold social statement, but the first time I saw the ad, instead of focusing on what the text said I had to figure out what was at the bottom of the picture. The product is so obscured it almost seems like they're afraid of being associated with the statement they're making.

2 Not sure if it makes me want to drink, but I suddenly have a strong desire for a lesbian relationship. And I'm a guy.

5 A simple layout for an emotionally complicated situation. It works.

2 I do like the simplicity, but is this ad really saying you need a good shot of alcohol before you can talk to your sister about her gay wedding?

5 Love the concept and art direction — I'm a big fan of minimal graphics.

0 I didn't think Grand Marnier was such an edgy drink. If I remember correctly, my grandma used to use it in cakes and desserts. I don't think she would get this ad.

2 I think it could be a good ad, except for the "Let's try to shock the reader by talking about lesbianism" tack. The headline tries to make it a big deal, but the idea of two women together just isn't anymore.

3 Neat, clean visual. Neat concept. Poor typography.

5 How can you not toast a liquor ad that doesn't feature boring product shots or two models about to get it on? The line is smart, edgy and definitely makes me think that Grand Marnier isn't just something you sip at country clubs.

0 It looks to me like Sis and Jill are burning in hell. Not a positive message.

2 Half the world's booze ads are about conversation; the other half are about dirty sex with beautiful people. I can't recall the last time I either had an intelligent conversation or sex with a beautiful person when I was drinking booze. Stupid false advertising!

5 Clean, clever, irreverent and with enough truth to elicit a chuckle.

4 Good to see some corporate suit didn't nix this controversial ad. I'm tired of vanilla . . . bring on the spicy!

0 This is what happens when a suit gets involved — and tries to be hip.

1 So I get drunk and go tell my sister off when she comes out of the closet, after a failed marriage with a man? I think that's pretty tactless.

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