The 2011 Production Company A-List

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Yesterday, we were very proud to announce our Production Company of the Year, B-Reel, a company whose work has broadened and challenged the advertising and marketing world's view of what brand messages can be.

Today, we're excited to announce the rest of our Production Company A-List, a tight collection of the production shops who delivered standout creative performances over the last year. In the past, we've honored up to 40 companies, but for the sake of giving the top shops their due (and, injecting a bit more excitement into the annual roundup), this year, we follow suit with our Agency A-List and have pared it down to the 15+ companies with the most creative, thought-provoking, innovative and inspiring reels of the last twelve months. Compiling the list was full of difficult calls, given the industry is rife with many outstanding players whose work we celebrate on the site each day. But among the A-listers you'll see the best of the best---a diverse bunch ranging from the small to the large, from traditional to digital and anywhere in between. Whether they continue to prove television a vibrant and powerful medium, or have discovered interesting and increasingly more important new ways to connect with an audience, they represent the industry's top storytellers and makers.

The Production Company A-List

Agency of the Year: B-Reel

Biscuit Filmworks



Epoch Films

Gorgeous Productions

Hungry Man


O Positive

Park Pictures




Tool of North America


One to Watch: Motion Theory

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