Production Company A-List 2011: Tool of North America

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Tool is one of the most well-rounded of shops on the list, and by well-rounded, we mean it can do anything from expert comedy to the trickiest of digital maneuvers, and even both at the same time, if that's what your project calls for. Geordie Stevens shot some of the most bizarre film of the year, a dream-themed fantasy featuring a sleeping milkmaid who gets some nighttime nookie via a work of art for Help Remedies, out of twofifteen McCann, while Erich Joiner shot one of J Lo's more memorable-and super funny moments on film, for Kohls, out of McCann Erickson.

Matt Ogens also shot one of 180 L.A.'s brilliant Mitsubishi plays, "Welcome to the New Normal" which documented how the sleepy town of Normal, Illinois was transformed into EVTown with the arrival of a fleet of Mitsubishi I electric vehicles. Also on the doc-style tip, JJ Adler teamed with SaFProductions' Shawn Michienzi to capture the weird and wonderful collectors of Carmichael Lynch's King Tut campaign for National Geographic. Ogens also teamed with digital pro Grant Skinner on Craftsman's Interactive Reality Series "Screw*d," out of Y&R Chicago.

Also on the digital front, Tool's Jason Zada was behind arguably the biggest viral success of 2011, Take This Lollipop, the frightening Facebook stalker experience that reportedly was the fastest growing app on the platform, breaking all kinds of FB records and earning more than 10 million Likes and 60 million visits in under a month. Zada also teamed with Sid Lee on the adidas "All In" Youtube brand channel experience that delivered a limitless stream of content that merged a wide range of footage of sports like football and basketball along with hip hop and dance.

Tool also brought comedy and slick digital moves together for RPA's integrated effort starring smug spokesman Patrick Warburton, led by director Evan Silver and interactive director Jeff Levine. Carlos Ulloa also masterminded a new fun online experience for Ellie Goulding, an interactive music video that brought together space travel (kind of) and real-time tweets via WebGL.

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