Production Company A-List: Biscuit Filmworks

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Biscuit Filmworks turned out another generous helping of perfectly conceived stories, many as well-shot and produced as feature films. Prolific frontman Noam Murro was behind many of the shop's finest moments, including Jameson "Fire," his follow-up to 2010's Lost Barrel that poured on the drama to show how far John Jameson would go to protect his beloved whiskey.

Murro brought on more flames for the "Hot House" caught-in-the-moment spot out of Grey New York for DirecTV. On the gaming front, he also shot Sony's 2011 Super Bowl thrill ride Bangkok Surgeon and straddled the fine line between real world and game world for EA's Battlefield.

Murro also showed his more whimsical side on the magical "Bedtime Stories" spot for AT&T, out of BBDO, New York and on"Handlebar Mustache," out of Wieden + Kennedy's "Occasionally Perfect" campaign for Heineken, that told the story of a man with distinctive facial hair who seems to be getting all the attention. And Murro can keep things simple too, as on the hilarious "Pinata" for VW, out of Deutsch L.A.

Beyond the spots, Murro also claimed his second DGA award and signed on to direct his latest feature, Warner Brothers' prequel to "300," due out in 2013.

Tim Godsall, known for deftly balancing funny and dark, brought his comedic prowess to a new Old Spice guy on Jungle Wilderness, shot a pair of sparring heads for Orange and Fallon London. He also directed content for the super fun "Dig Deeper" siite for HBO's "True Blood," via BBDO New York.

Aaron Ruell brought wonderful comic timing for sweet, short spots for Target that made even the most boring of essentials--pens, batteries and jeans--fun, while Steve Rogers showed off Dodge cars in Goodby's "Search Engine" campaign and by adding a car chase into a Victorian era love story.

The company also expanded quite a bit in 2011, opening up a U.K. office and adding Canadian director Jeff Low (who has done great work for Skittles in the past) and the talented Philippe Andre to its roster.

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