Production Company A-List 2012:

By Published on . continued to scope out new production territory with more impressive branded content and transmedia efforts. The company was key production partner alongside Translation in the forthcoming Ron Howard documentary "Made in America," which featured Jay-Z, Pearl Jam, Run DMC and others. The company also debuted the sixth edition of the long-running Sundance Channel series "Iconoclasts" as well as the second installment of videogame-turned-real world adventure, Sony Playstation/Nissans' GT Academy, directed by Jeff Zwart. The multiplatform experience included online, broadcast and second screen content and set out how to find well Gran Turismo gamers could fare on a real-life track.

Upcoming efforts include a television series adaption of the Pete Hamill novel "Forever," about a man who can secure eternal life--if he never leaves the island of Manhattan. @radical will be exec producing alongside Robert Redford. The company will also be teaming with architect David Rockwell on a series of location-based experiences to showcase advancements in environmental and digital technology, the first of which is scheduled for early 2014 and will feature a giant holographic whale.

Also on the digital front, @radical launched the Ocean Health Index, an online index that evaluates the viability and health of the marine ecosystems around the world, a project founded by Conservation International, National Geographic and the New England Aquarium.

The company also had an exciting commercials year--Steve Miller's deft comedic skill had viewers all over sympathizing with stricken kids who witnessed their parents' private time, noticed peculiar changes in their pet hamster's appearance and had their faces wiped "clean" with mom's spit, for Ragu and Barton F. Graf 9000. Miller also brought a lot more interest to the Most Interesting Man in the World, who embarked on more wild adventures with rhinos, sword fights and Tibetan monks. On the automotive front, the company launched the Toyota Tundra Adventures with Saatchi L.A. and pit Cadillac ATS against the most challenging roads in the world, a branded content effort directed by Jeff Zwart and Joe Berlinger.

@radical also appears to be extending its reach even further with the signing of Joe Killian as executive producer of Music & Live Experiences. Killian previously served as SVP at Momentum Worldwide, as well as entertainment companies like Live Nation, Front Line Management, Ticketmaster and AEG.

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