Production Company A-List 2012: RSA

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RSA pulled off some of the year's most dramatic production feats, including the best movie marketing effort of the year, for founder Ridley Scott's blockbuster "Alien" prequel, "Prometheus." The intriguing multiplatform campaign featured content to rival the film itself, including an eerie TED Talk from the future, directed by Luke Scott and starring Guy Pearce as a young Peter Weyland. There were also gorgeous, retro-futuristic shorts directed by Little Minx's Johnny Hardstaff that gave viewers insight into key characters like A.I. David, played by Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace's Elizabeth Shaw.

The production company went from the big screen, to the really big screen in an all out production for Droga5 for the United Nations' World Humanitarian Day. RSA and director Kenzo Digital produced the breathtaking event that saw the pop star performing her song "I Was Here" before stirring images projected onto a massive display.

RSA was also the main production player on BBDO and AT&T's ambitious branded content series Daybreak, along with director John Cassar (24) and Heroes producer Tim Kring. The series followed the story of an average guy Ben Wilkens who becomes thrown into the precarious position of having to save humanity when he discovers a mysterious dodecahedron.

The shop dug deeper into the videogame world with its third series of Friday Night Fights for Activision on the Call of Duty Elite TV service. The tournament brings celebrities from the world of sports,games and entertainment together to face off on Modern Warefare.

Through its various divisions, RSA has fingers in every sort of production pie. The features and TV arm Scott Free yielded box office pleasers like Prometheus and Liam Neeson film "The Grey," directed by Joe Carnahan, as well as notable programs like A&E's Coma, Ken Follet's "World Without End" and the fourth season of CBS' "The Good Wife."

On the musical front, Black Dog Films celebrated its 15th birthday with a stream of great clips for Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and others and spots-wise, highlights include Jake Scott's 2012 Super Bowl spot celebrating the end of prohibition, and his pre kick-off spot featuring an army of Hyundai employees performing their own rendition of Rocky theme song "Gonna Fly Now."

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