Production Company A List: B-Reel

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Last year, B-Reel showed us that the future wasn't too far away. The production company that made mind control, robots and "minority report" a reality in 2011 moved creative mountains in 2012 as well, with projects that made us care, play and get involved.

Along with Pereira & O'Dell director Drake Doremus and the B-Reel team proved that sequels don't have to be washed out replicas. For Intel and Toshiba, he crafted a unique social film experiment that had the main character, Alex, being played by dozens of different actors, all chosen via auditions. The challenges of working with a new personality every time a new episode needs to be shot are obvious, but Mr. Doremus proved his mettle, creating a gripping narrative that also had a soft, emotional aesthetic.

The production company also continued its partnership with Google and a handful of excellent digital campaigns such as Google Web Lab, a real-life exhibit in London that allowed both actual and remote visitors to interact with five different "Chrome Experiments," like "Universal Orchestra" that let you create music in collaboration with others, or "Data Tracer," that lets you explore where information is physically stored.

There was also "Bravest Man in the Universe," an interactive project for the Bobby Womack track that could only be played on mobile devices that combined gameplay with the music video. It was a showcase of all the capabilities of mobile Chrome -- but also showed off just what this production outfit was capable of.

But it wasn't just about feats of technology -- the shop also made us truly give a damn, with its "Who Cares?" campaign for the Swedish Armed Forces, created along with DDB Stockholm. A site showed a person willingly locked up in a small space. He could only leave if someone else logged on and visited the site. The point being, how far would you go to help someone?

On the film side, director Johan Perjus wowed us with a gorgeous short film to introduce the Volkswagen Phaeton, exploring the fall and rebirth of Dresden, Germany after WWII and how it led to the city's craftsman spirit.

B-Reel also showed that it was committed to growing and exploring new avenues of creativity: it launched B-Reel Products, a new division led by Clemens Brandt and Riccardo Giraldi that will focus on IP and innovation, and B-Reel Content, which will work in the increasingly important space of branded and original content.

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