Production Company A-List One to Watch: Reset

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Anonymous Content vets Dave Morrison and director David Fincher only officially opened Reset in July, but the company very quickly asserted itself on the scene with a pair of high profile spots, Activision's "Call of Duty Black Ops II Surprise," out of 72andSunny and Halo 4 "Scanned" via Twofifteen McCann. The former was directed by Guy Ritchie and showcased the game's various new weapons at the hands celebrities like weapons vlogger FPS Russia and Robert Downey Jr., while the latter, exec produced by David Fincher and directed by Tim Miller, the director behind the sultry "Girl with a Dragon Tattoo" titles, uncovered the origins of Master Chief. There, we saw his emergence from the young boy John-117 to Spartan and then the superhuman warrior gamers know him to be.

The company has kept up the excitement going into 2013, with Guy Ritchie's H&M's cheeky actioner starring David Beckham, Fincher's "Suit and Tie" promo for Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z and Nabil's Bud Platinum spot that extends the JT cool.

The company is home to a solid lineup of other exciting talents, including Johnny Green, Pes, Johan Renck, Andre Stringer, Garth Davis, Vesa Manninen, Nabil, Andre Stringer and Markus Walter and Martin Werner, and also has a tie up with Academy and Iconoclast.

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