Standout: Arts & Sciences

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In 2012, production company Arts & Sciences made us sit up and pay attention, with a series of well-received campaigns that were reliably entertaining.

Director and partner Matt Aselton made us laugh with work for eBay, created out of Venables Bell & Partners, including this funny one starring a pretty neurotic lady and her crazy, dress-hungry pooch.

And everyone and their mom adored this cute spot for Google Search, starring a competitive mom who was informed of a very strange assignment by her daughter.

For Dish, Mr. Aselton showed off his comedic chops with a series of commercials to promote the brand's new Hopper service. Starring the "Boston Guys," the campaign started off simply, with a commercial featuring the Guys saying the name of the new service, over and over again. Hilarious, and a fantastic way to ensure that consumers got "Hoppa" burned into their brains, the campaign continued with more trademark wacky work out of Barton F. Graf 9000.

The production shop also weighed in on the Dish v. AMC dispute that saw angry, TV-hungry hordes attacking the broadcaster on its Facebook page, with a turnaround mission comprising of 24 web films that saw the Boston Guys commenting on shows from the new Fall season.

Behind those 24 films were new directors Adam Brodie and Dave Derewlany, former male strippers who joined the production company last year after doing mainly television work.

But Arts & Sciences also proved that it could hold its own in the non-filmic space. One of our favorite efforts last year came from a little pizza place that was on the hunt for new Twitter followers. So it put forward an interesting proposition: Follow us, and we'll follow you. The "We" in this case was a giant mushroom, who literally stalked the unsuspecting followers in real life. Adam & Dave directed the ensuing films.

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