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History got a lot more exciting in the hands of company co-founder/director Paul Hunter, who partnered with Dojo, San Francisco on a series of beautifully crafted, cinematic spots for Logitech UE that recreated world-changing moments in which music played a critical role, like the Christmas Eve of 1914, when Central and Allied forces temporarily declared a truce and joined in singing "Silent Night," or in 2011, when a 21-year-old rapper named El General released his "Head of State," helping to fuel the forces behind the Tunisian Jasmine Revolution.

On a funnier note, Hunter traveled back in time with L.A. Clippers' player Blake Griffin, who attempts to set straight his younger, less focused and fashionable self, for Kia and David and Goliath.

Isaiah Seret bore the Olympics torch for adidas and directed the brand's multisport push out of Sid Lee, featuring athletes in the moments of preparing to take the world stage. He also led on Microsoft's Windows Phone launch campaign, directing the "Anthem" launch spot alongside fellow directors Hunter and Matt Piedmont, who shot spots starring Gwen Stefani, Jessica Alba, Andy Samberg and others.

The company also engaged in some interesting extracurricular activities, including co-production on the controversial film "The Canyons," directed by Paul Schrader, written by Bret Easton Ellis and starring adult film actor James Deen and Lindsay Lohan.

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