Standout: The Sweet Shop

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Steve Ayson left his distinctive imprint on an array of fine productions, including Fallon Minneapolis' stylish take on Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody, for The Cosmopolitan Hotel, a cerebral tale of Father Time made obsolete by Sky TV's on demand services, out of DDB New Zealand and Clemenger BBDO Melbourne's hilarious caper of thieves on the run, with their pints of beer, for Carlton Draught.

Stuart McDonald brought laughs to DDB New Zealand's campaigns for Instant Kiwi from the New Zealand Lottery, featuring comedian Jesse Smith as a man who like to "push his luck" testing the limits of customer service and selling the most bizarre, and intangible, of goods at a garage sale.

On the visual tip, Melanie Bridge directed a delightful stop motion animated art piece for Dulux out of Clemenger BBDO Wellington, which illustrated the sorts of weather conditions the brand's paint can withstand.

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