Yanagisawa Joins Blink, Sibling Rivalry Signs Margetson

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Show Yanagisawa
Show Yanagisawa Credit: Blink Productions

Blink Productions is adding director Show Yanagisawa for U.K. and European representation (excluding France). Yanagisawa began his creative career as an oil painter and live graffiti artist in Tokyo. He gained international recognition in 2015 with "High School Girl" for Japanese cosmetic company Shiseido and then "Gravity Cat" for Playstation's Gravity Rush 2 video game, a four-minute film that follows two sisters as they struggle to protect their gravity-defying kitten.

Andy Margetson
Andy Margetson Credit: Sibling Rivalry

Sibling Rivalry is signing filmmaker Andy Margetson to its roster. Known for his work in the mediums of dance and performance, Margetson has worked on projects including short films for the Royal Ballet and dancer Lil Buck/Louis Vuitton, awards like D&AD, Promax and the Effies, commercial/ident work for Canon, MTV and the BBC, and most recently, the "Made to Flex" spot for Timberland.

Brennan Stasiewicz
Brennan Stasiewicz Credit: Honor Society

Honor Society is adding director Brennan Stasiewicz for U.S. commercial representation. Stasiewicz has over 10 years of experience in production, spanning directing, writing, producing and editing of commercials, documentary series and broadcast promos. He has worked on projects for brands including Cadillac, Samsung, Google, Infiniti, Chevy, Chase Bank, Prudential, Southwest Airlines and Jim Beam, and with talent including Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd, Emma Stone and Jason Sudeikis.

Michel Waxman
Michel Waxman Credit: Chelsea Pictures

Chelsea Pictures is hiring Executive Producer Michel Waxman as well as signing up directing collective The Bear. Waxman, who most recently was executive producer at Serial Pictures, will helm Chelsea's L.A. office, and work with VP and Executive Producer Pat McGoldrick. The Bear was founded by Austin filmmakers Berndt Mader and Ben Steinbauer and its clients have included Whole Foods, Stubhub, Yeti, Alfa Romeo and Crate & Barrel.

Darcy Parsons, Sue Troyan, Tim Davies.
Darcy Parsons, Sue Troyan, Tim Davies. Credit: Kevin

Visual effects supervisor Tim Davies, senior executive producer Sue Troyan and owner/partner Darcy Parsons are teaming up to open L.A.-based visual effects company Kevin. Troyan has worked with The Mill and Method. Davies was formerly at Asylum Visual Effects and The Mill, as a creative director and head of 2D, and has worked on projects including HBO's "Voyeur" campaign for Jake Scott, Old Spice's "Momsong" for Steve Ayson, and "Whale" and "Rocket Car" for Steve Rogers. His Super Bowl spots include this year's "Terry Bradshaw" for Traktor and Turbo Tax's "Humpty Dumpty" for Ivan Zacharias. Parsons has worked as a VFX producer, executive producer and owner of her own VFX Facility.

Ben Strebel
Ben Strebel Credit: Skunk

Skunk London is adding director Ben Strebel for U.K. and U.S. representation. His commercial reel includes work for Nike, Lexus, Apple, Adidas, BMW, LG and All Saints. He has also directed music videos for the likes of Naughty Boy, Phoenix, Animal Kingdom and Clock Opera. His most recent video for Parisi called "No Refugee" explores the lives of refugees. He won D&AD pencils for his film "A Trip To Sea" for Guy Cotton.

Lea Hjort Matiesen
Lea Hjort Matiesen Credit: Ooctopuss

Octopuss is signing director Lea Hjort Matiesen to its roster for Scandinavian representation. She is signed to Radical Media in the U.S.. Matiesen graduated from The National Film School of Denmark in 2015 with the film poem"Øde Ø" (My Desert Island) which received a nomination at the 2016 Robert Awards for Best Short. She is currently working on two new films, one in Brownsville N.Y. and the other in Copenhagen.

Kevin Dart
Kevin Dart Credit: Nexus Studios

Nexus Studios is signing U.S.-based design and animation studio Chromosphere to its roster for exclusive global director representation across film and interactive. Led by Creative Dctor Kevin Dart, Chromosphere has been operating out of its Los Angeles headquarters since 2016. Most recently, Chromosphere co-directed the forthcoming Google Spotlight story Sonaria with Scot Stafford. The VR film follows two shape-shifting creatures in a journey of light and sound.

Sebastian Baptista
Sebastian Baptista Credit: NOMINT

Nomint is adding Sebastian Baptista to its roster of directors for commercial representation. With over 15 years in the industry, Baptista garnered a reputation in 2D animation as co-founder of London-based animation studio, SnC (Sebas&Clim), after building an international career as a motion designer. He later relocated to Barcelona and turned his hand to live motion and 3D.

De Blinkks
De Blinkks Credit: Colonel Blimp

Colonel Blimp is adding photographic and filmmaking collective Leila Namaan and Damien Laurent, known as the De Blinkks, to its roster. With a background in photography, they have worked for clients including Samsung, Lacoste, French Connection, Sony, Volvo and Amazon.

Jack Naylor, Jolyon Watkins and Jesse Harris
Jack Naylor, Jolyon Watkins and Jesse Harris Credit: Madison + Vine

Madison + Vine is signing four new directors for commercial and TV/film work: Jack Driscoll, Jesse Harris, Jack Naylor and Jolyon Watkins. Driscoll is a U.K.-based filmmaker who has worked on commercials for brands like Adidas, Red Bull, Google and New Balance. Naylor is an Australian filmmaker who has worked with brands including Blackhawk and Dove. Harris has worked with Volvo, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Disney and Virgin America. Watkins specializes in automotive clients including BMW, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Honda, Holden and Jeep.

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