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Buon giorno. Fila, as seen in the The New York Times Magazine. How do you feela about this? Rate the ad on the Rate the Ad-o-mometer's six-degree scale of excellence, with 5 being the top score: 5 World-changing, 4 Great, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Forgettable, 0 Actively Annoying. And feel free to comment on the art direction, the photography, the copy, the typography, whatever. Click the ad to play.

Oh Say Can You O.C.?
Oh Say Can You O.C.?
Last week's Rate the Ad. The presence of adorable Mischa Barton, wearing the Microstretch Mary in wasabi, no less — or maybe it was a sympathy vote for the profoundly depressed dog? — almost managed to get this Keds ad to break even on the four tiers/two tiers handicap split on the Rate the Ad-o-mometer, pulling a Good/Bad ratio of 49/51, which is a great showing around here. There was no consensus on the intolerance lecture, but there's no consensus on anything at Rate the Ad. Actually, everyone pretty much agreed that the dog looks like he's ready to cry and PETA should be notified pronto. No one, however, expressed amazement that Keds, of all brands, has managed to trademark "Be cool." Where was, say, Charles Schwab when this was happening? Anyway, here are the results.

5 World-changing 5%
4 Great 12%
3 Good 18%
2 Fair 14%
1 Forgettable 25%
0 Actively Annoying 26%

And here are some of our fave responses.

3 Mischa automatically makes it good.

0 Is she cool because she looks like a bag lady with Keds?

2 Trite but truthful politics has no place in advertising.

0 What color do they use for puke?

0 Yeah, "cool is colorblind," which is why we're showing you the whitest chick from the whitest show in America.

1 I'm trying to see how a spokesmodel famous only for playing a rich suburban white girl in a clique of rich suburban white kids is communicating a message of diversity and tolerance.

0 I don't think I'd ever date a girl who wears Keds just because of this ad.

3 Whoever's selling whatever, I'm buying a lifetime supply of it as long as they're using this lovely model.

2 The art just doesn't grab me, but I think a tolerance message for young readers is never a bad thing.

1 I'm as excited about this ad/product as the dog. Bonus points for boring typeface and bad kerning.

1 You're promoting the colors of your Keds and you talk about being colorblind? How does that creative meeting take place?

1 Crap with a lecture is still crap.

0 I'm being preached to by a shoe?

5 This is using advertising in the most effective way. Effective for the brand and effective for humanity. This is cool. Way cool.

0 Please, people, can we finally bury the ancient and battered word "cool" from the lexicon of contemporary advertising? It's terminally uncool.

4 It's got two great things: A hot chick and that same hot chick acting goofy.

0 The only mildly interesting thing about this ad is how annoyed the dog looks in each and every shot. Someone needs to tell Keds that America's illiterate and hyperactive youth will never read that much text.

0 Any product that implores you to "Be cool" has obviously already failed.

5 I think that it gives props to the independent woman with a conscience. Keds are affordable, stylish and attractive to women who are self-confident. This ad reinforces that message.

1 Benetton owns this idea in the fashion category. Why do it second, and second rate at that?

4 All those little photos will make the target teens stop and look and probably buy the shoes.

0 Wanna know what's the least cool color? Vanilla. As in a vanilla girl with a vanilla dog and a vanilla message.
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