Rate the Ad: AMP Up Before You Score

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Pepsi Co.'s new iPhone app for AMP energy drink, created out of R/GA, encourages users to "AMP Up" before they score with the chicks—24 "classic" female archetypes, to be exact, from Punk Rock Girl, Nerd and Tree Hugger to Married and Women's Studies Major. The app provides tips for landing the neatly stereotyped flavors of feminine. For example, it sends Punk Rock Girl prowlers to a wikipedia primer on Punk Rock, a Greek translator for decoding the Sorority Girl's sweatshirt, and even provides a fake carbon footprint number for Treehugger devotees. It also allows users to broadcast their conquests via Twitter and Facebook and encourages them to add notches to their digital bedposts with brag lists.

AMP so far has left a bad taste in the mouths of many (see #pepsifail on Twitter), who are calling it downright degrading, and Pepsi already issued a terse apology on the AMP Twitter feed. What do you think? Did Pepsi fail with this objectifying effort and should it pull the plug on AMP's Axe-alike app? Or Finally!—Just when you were hitting a roadblock with the MILF next door? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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