Rate the Ad: Apple/The Bird & The Bee: Again & Again

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Last week, Rate the Ad tried something a little different with coolspotters.com, a Web site that links celebs and products through a maze of profile pages and oodles of US Weekly-style photos. The site, launched last week in beta, houses tons of user-generated data and provides for a time-sucking surfing experience, whether it's exploring every product placement in the latest blockbuster or sifting through all the junk Britney consumes. We wanted to know if this site, possibly an advertiser's answer to overpriced celeb endorsement, is a sign of materialistic decay or the next Facebook. Well, we're guessing Rate the Adsters were so drawn into the site—don't hide, we know you were figuring out who on "Entourage" wears your sunglasses—all "soundadvice" had to say was "Pepsi, huh? I had Lin-Lo pegged as a Coke girl."

This week, we have a homemade video from producer Dennis Liu who, in recent months, has dipped his toe into filmmaking water. The music video for The Bird and The Bee's "Again & Again" harnesses the whirl-whizzery of a Mac desktop to create a jumping, fast-pace video—all within the confines of a computer screen. The singer croons from open video windows, the lyrics appear in varying fonts in Word docs and that song is sure to be stuck in your head for a good week. Maybe two. So, what do you think? Delightful or gimmicky? Addictive or repulsive? Tell us what you think of this YouTube phenomenon.
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