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Last time on Rate the Ad, we took a look at parodies of Internet memes from Geico and its plucky gecko. The Martin Agency launched the campaign with the Numa Numa guy singing a new song while gecko dances behind him. The viral is one of many parodies on the gecko's YouTube channel. Well, what do you think of a brand jumping into the internet video dialogue? Are the parodies funny? Or off the mark? Is Geico making an impact with just the lizard and no logo or URL?

Rate the Adsters were split on the concept. Some, like commenter "lilytomczak18" think Geico is maintaining their quirky stride with this effort: "I think Geico is on the right track with their viral campaign here. I believe this hits their style, plus it's a new way to build their target audience via the internet. As for the quality, it's funny because it's not supposed to be perfect, just like all the other home videos on the internet. It's just Gecko with his own You Tube channel, connecting with his audience, the average consumer, once again. For a short period, one time thing, I think it's a good choice for a campaign."

On the other hand, some were not so charmed by the gecko's wily green ways. "MissG" says, "I think it is absolutely irrelevant for the brand's target. ...I don't get it. The video is boring and the quality is really bad. I would have never guessed that thing moving in the back was a gecko; I thought it was a green hamster."

This week, we look at a sultry spot that brings together the beautiful Padma Lakshmi, a lot of cleavage and a Western bacon thick burger. For fast food chain Carl's Jr. and Hardee's, the Top Chef host, cookbook author and ex-model assures us that culinary expertise has never quashed her longtime love of sneaking out for a meat sandwich. To demonstrate, she then proceeds to enthusiastically devour a very saucy burger on the steps of what looks like a New York City stoop. We want to know, does this spot bring new meaning to the phrase "food porn?" Are you enticed? Disgusted? Share your thoughts on this lady meets burger romp, below.
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