Rate the Ad: Cream: Cantonese Clown

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Last time around, we asked your opinions on an outdoor campaign from Swiss agency Saatchi & Saatchi, Simko that placed 16 hand-crafted body parts—in clear-front packages proclaiming "New Elbow for the 'trying the Roger Federer' type" and "New Wrist for the 'writing the next best seller' type"—in pharmacies, stacked like retail displays. The boxed ankles, knees and other appendages aim to promote joint pain medicine Voltaflex.

This week, we bring you a piece from BBDO, Montréal that shows a clown's hidden skill (besides the ability to look deep into another man's soul, obviously) to know when cream should be added to a recipe. Well, either that or this particular circus performer just says the same thing whenever anyone calls, which would be a shame for anyone calling for a thirst-quenching recommendation on a hot summer day. Either way, let us know your thoughts on the spot -- effective and funny or just another over-hype of dairy-based cooking?

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