Rate the Ad: Disgusting Isn't it?

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You savvy ad-watchers aren't lured by the downtown crowd, it seems, with last week's Rate the Ad featuring Vincent Gallo and Terry Richardson scoring a paltry three stars on our Rate-the-Ad-o-meter.

The Belvedere Rainmakers, despite their apparent fun on the set, failed to win your hearts. "Simply deciding to give gobs of money to two hipster celebrities and have them prance in front of a camera doesn't qualify as a creative effort," says commenter davidogilvy. We'll try to get you a nice shirt spot or a guy with an eyepatch into the rotation, D.O.

"Nicely shot, though the concept comes across a bit fuzzy ... more like troublemakers than hipster. Just misses the cool factor," says Gordonmoat. lbconfusion99 says, "It's a good thing this is Belvedere instead of Blavod [a black vodka, ed.], or Gallo might have walked," a reference to Gallo claiming right to refuse his sperm offer to dark skinned people.

This week hopefully we'll inspire less derision; with this gutsy (sorry) poster from the International Federation Against Whaling and Australian creative groups Republic of Everyone and Happy Soldiers.

Click through to the work item (under the image) and Rate the Ad using our star system; be sure to leave us your comments on the the art direction, the copy, the concept, whatever. Check back next week for the results.
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