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Last week,we turned debate to a scuffle brewing in the wintery Vermont slopes over nudey snowboard designs. Burlington, Vermont-based Burton Snowboards is getting heat for its racy "Love" boards, which feature half-naked women, bare bums and all. Even the Girl Scouts chimed in to call the boards sexist and inappropriate for children. And again, Rate the Ad was split on the issue. Some seconded the sexist claims, others were offended by the lack of design sensibility and yet another group found no problem with the designs at all.

Commenter "MissG" critiqued the boards with a designer's eye: "The idea of seeing this board in any snowy slope makes me shudder. And not because of the pseudo-provocative graphic but because of the coarse-tasteless-horrible-empty design, which is just a naked girl with a relevant word. There's no effort at all! Not even in the photography! I am sure that if the design had some taste or creativity in the execution less people will feel bothered or insulted, which I feel because I can't believe that with so many talented guys with brilliant ideas out there, there still are some people producing (and buying) such poor and pathetic concepts."

Speaking to the dudes in the audience, "alberu" defended the designs and called those peeved Vermonters a tad prudish: "These boards are absolutely cool gentlemen. It perfectly captures the attitude of young freestylers nowadays. And, on the slopes, the boards are partially covered with snow, by the way. If someone gets offended with this out there, they should ask themselves a few questions. As a European, these conservative attitudes appear so out of date."

This week, we have a viral for Durex that imagines what condom balloon animals do after hours. Three such creatures—pink, blue and ambiguous orange, the last arrival to the party—try out myriad positions to the tune of their vigorous, squeaking rubber bodies. Animation studio Superfad in New York created the CGI romp and research included buying a box of Durex, blowing up some condoms and seeing how the air-filled contraceptives behaved in the light. (Superfad confirms that no clowns were consulted in the process.) The video, from Atlanta agency Fitzgerald & Company, is strictly online for now—but it might find its way onto television, but only in Europe. Superfad reports that "outtakes" from the video will also be released shortly. What do you think? Can you believe its completely CGI? Does balloon animal fornication scream safe sex to you? Share your thoughts, below.
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