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Last time on Rate the Ad, we took a look at Dean Cain's public service announcements for Microsoft's newest version of Internet Explorer. In a commendable deadpan, Cain walks us through some harrowing internet afflictions--read: puking, yelling and adorable kitten obsession--and how IE8 can save all. We wanted to know if Microsoft can expect real laughs for this unusual effort, or if we should group this set with past strangeness like Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld in a shoe store.

While most Adsters were unimpressed—"guimp" says "IE8 suffers from A.A.B.A.T.P. Ad As Bad As The Product"—the campaign had one sole defender, who still couldn't resist slipping in a "dopey."

Commenter "walter.beck" says, "When watching the first IE8 ad that I saw I was disappointed, thinking that these spots were a cheap imitation of Priceline.com's ads staring William Shatner. However, after viewing different commercials in the series I believe that IE8 and Dean Cain are creating entertaining segments that will increase brand awareness for IE8, if they can keep our attention with new stories and frequency of viewing. As you see a new ad you wonder what the new A.C.R.O.N.Y.M. will be--even if you think it's dopey, which of course it is."

This week, we turn to the second act from the Evian babies. This first effort (below) from BETC Euro RSCG, Paris back in 1998, claims the effects of Evian are like a fleet of babies synchronized swimming in a pretty snazzy fountain. This time, the agency likens the effects of Evian on your body to a pack (pod? herd? flange?) of babies doing fly tricks on roller skates and listening to a remix of Rapper's Delight on an '80s boombox. Well, what do you think? Do roller skates and the boombox scream youth and vitality? Do these babies look like they're made of plastic to you? How's the VFX? Is anyone sick of babies-acting-like-adults spots? Was the first iteration successful enough to warrant an encore? Share your thoughts, below.

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