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Last time in this town hall debate masquerading as a web feature, we asked you to post up on Nike's controversial in-your-face posters, which groups have decried as anti-gay for their depiction of epic crotch-on-face action mid-dunk with copy like "that ain't right" and "isn't that cute."

Erring on the side of rough play, most commenters came down on the side of the ads. Ksuji, who's had exposure to the often homoerotic realm of sports imagery as a collegiate photo editor, writes "I love it when I go through my shots of basketball games and I find burst-images of a player dunking and having this specific moment happen to them. Occasionally, I even take some of these photos, and put thought bubbles on them and have the whole staff do caption contests. For the specific audience, I think it rings very true." Manhadanite thinks "The ad is only homophobic if you think the action being depicted is homosexual sex. I, for one, see the sweaty crotch of one basketball player being planted in the face of the other. And sorry, but that doesn't look like sex to me. If the ad said, "That's right!" would you feel better?"

Still, some found anti-gay undertones in the work. "Just 'trash talk' does not preclude it from being homophobic," wrote davidotero. "'Punk' in urban slang is comparable to 'Faggot'--another term which until recent times was completely acceptable, and in some places still is. An ad campaign that skirts the issue of homophobia in the black urban community, or in this instance, attempts to leverage homophobia ('that ain't right') to push products under the guise of 'being cool' is dangerous, irresponsible, offensive---and typical for athletics." Click back to last week's item to view all the responses, and thanks to all of you for weighing in.

This week, we look at a viral from Extended Stay America with the Internet-friendly name "A Girl, Her Tongue and a Hotel Room." In it, a blonde woman steps into a hotel suite and begins to lick things. Essentially a feature demo (but grosser) she moves through the room, doling out most unsexy porno licks to the phone, silverware, the refrigerator handle, the TV screen, the clock radio, the shower curtain, and, finally, the toilet, seat and bowl, all while making BJ eyes at the camera, before finally declaring it "very clean" and offering the URL extstay.com inked on her palm.

Call us old fashioned, but we find out how clean a hotel room really is with one of those fluid-revealing black light contraptions we saw on a local news expose in the '80s. But Extended Stay America--and agency Mullen, it turns out--seem to have appealed to the gross-out crowd on the Net, earning a Boing Boing link and speculation as to the marketing-or-not nature of the video. You know, because it's not too beyond the pale, in this era of watching soul-scalding things on the internet, that someone would lick a bunch of stuff in a hotel room, film it, and put it on the web for the greater good of humanity.

But what do you think, tender-minded practitioner of advertising? Does this viral have you worrying about whether your Q-Tips at Extended Stay have already gone to serve the video purposes of an ear swabbing fetish society? Or is Extended Stay hitting the jackpot with business travelers who'll fantasize of a tongue bath the next time they book two weeks in Cleveland? Let us know.
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