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Last week, Rate the Ad served up a Mac-obsessed music video for The Bird and The Bee's "Again & Again." The homemade viral video features the magic of desktop windows that display lyrics and zip around a computer screen to the song's beat. Rate the Adsters gave the project, from agency kid Dennis Liu, a powerful thumbs up. Commenter "influxx" says "Brilliant, loved it. What they saved in monetary cost they surely spent in time-dollars. A lot of craft and work went into this. Very clever and good product placement for Adobe, Apple, YouTube and Microsoft." Viewer "lokihsu" chimes in with "I'm a huge Mac fan/user and love to see how all the apps I use everyday have been put to a great song. Great work! Great idea and brilliant execution! I want to see more."

Sounds like Dennis better hang up his producer boots to appease viewers like "jfayard" who says, "I want to watch it Again and Again and Again and Again."

This week, we turn to the ever-delicate scale that gauges the balance between copy and art. This Clemenger BBDO print ad for Habitat for Humanity Australia is 100 percent text--at first glance, that is--and blurs the line between the two forms of 2D expression. Take a step back though, and a Magic Eye-style secret reveals itself. Rate the Ad asks: Does it work? In an image-crazy world, does abundant copy even prompt a second look? Do consumers actually read ads? Is the copy strong enough to support the ad if viewers can't see its other face? Tell us what you think.
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