Rate the Ad: Honda "Joy of Problems"

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Opinion was mixed on Delta's cutesy "Planeguage" spots last week, with a cross between empathy and vituperation. Maybe we should just hand it over to you...

"You see! It only takes one person to make a poor decision to mess up the comfort of others! Boy I tell ya, being 6'6" sucks sometimes!" - realsimple

"The ad as it stands makes me believe that this is a common occurrence when flying Delta ... so why would I want to be on one of their planes?" - gordonmoat

"One should take into account that they are not adverts designed to strengthen Delta's brand, but instead (I believe) more entertainment orientated with the intent to open up the debate and awareness it currently has both on YouTube and on Delta's blog. In effect they have created an informal platform for feedback and discussion about air-travel by both clients and crew." - mog

"I used to think that I just hated flying. Now I realize I actually hate Delta. Thanks for helping me sort that out." - mtabtabai "I like the animation and style -- simple and to the point. The problem is that the point is usually not good." - acmdesigns "Delta should spend more time getting the planes to arrive on time and less time teaching their customers how to behave on the planes." - kendavidson

"The message I got: It's impolite to tilt your seat on Delta flights because Delta seats are too close together." - Comcast STP

"These Planeguage spots make me cringe. I'm not sure I understand why Delta would align all the things we find uncomfortable about the air travel experience with their brand. I miss the Good Goes Around work." - rspillers

"Hey you know how sharing an armrest sucks? Let's spend a few hundred thousand dollars telling everyone! Great idea boss." - Dukker

"Oh yes! The sacred empty seat on a packed flight. That's a gift any time of the year you fly." – "drewtybooty"

Barack Obama walked into his victory party in Iowa to Jay-Z's "99 Problems," so in the spirit of the straghtforward addressing of grievances Rate the Ad encourages you to turn your sights to Honda's "Joy of Problems" website. Does this hold your interest like a Civic holds its resale value? As usual, to play along at home tell us what you think in the comments, and we'll see how things pan out next Wednesday.
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