Rate the Ad: The Huffington Post: Haven't We Had Enough?

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Last time, we looked at a non sequitur Olympics spot, a strange little island in a sea of athlete-drenched, patriotic work. Ogilvy, New York and Lenovo tout the computer maker's laptop data recovery and--maybe as an afterthought--its Games sponsorship with a fruit-bearing singing faun, a time portal and absolutely no mention of sport, nation or Beijing. We wonder, can an Olympics ad not actually be about the Olympics? Does this strain of bizarre work, regardless of the Games?

Rate the Adsters were torn on the issue. Some, like "karenandchris," reported non-adman obsession with the little creature and his song: "Like many of you out there, I have a spouse who is not in advertising, and I have never seen someone react to a commercial the way he has reacted to this one. He rewinds it over and over again every time it airs, laughing so hard he has tears in his eyes. We're talking ten times in a row. Seriously, I can sing the whole song now. So, as a creative, am I jealous of it? No. But if my all-American husband is watching it this much, other non-advertising people must be too. Hoo haaa. Hoo haaa."

As for side stepping that whole meeting of nations, triumph and sportsmanship thing, some welcomed the change of pace, but still couldn't stomach the concept. "Dukker" says, "Cheers for not foisting yet another athlete-worshiping spot on the world. Jeers for trying so hard to be irreverent and funny that the whole thing becomes irrelevant and weird."

With one yell-at-the-TV-in-your-living-room event behind us, Rate the Ad moves quickly on to the next: the National Conventions. Since the Dems have enough to worry about in Denver with Loose Canon Bill's prime time speech tonight, we'll look ahead to an anti-Republican stunt from Goodby co-founder Rich Silverstein. Slated for the GOP's big party next week, 12 bus shelters in the Twin Cities will don the Cannes Lions-award winning "Haven't We Had Enough?" posters Silverstein created for The Huffington Post, Ad Age reports.

Last fall, Arianna Huffington, the liberal news site's co-founder, approached Silverstein to channel his ad messaging mojo into a blog to help Democrats. He preferred to submit a "visual blog" that laundry lists the names, slogans and events that signify the Bush administration, which HuffPo readers then added to with comments and suggestions.

Next week, the posters will remind Twin Cities bus riders about all that's happened during a Republican presidency. So, what do you think? Will convention goers even be riding the bus? Is this effective ambush marketing? Will these posters hit home for undecided voters? Or, are these posters meaningless to people outside the worlds of advertising and HuffPo? Tell us what you think of Silverstein's tactics below.
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