Rate the Ad: Internet Explorer 8: Dean Cain PSAs

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Last time on Rate the Ad, we looked at a "social media experiment" from SCPF, Miami. The agency built a social media tool called the Global Period Project, which endeavors to mimic the phenomenon that women in close proximity get on the same menstrual schedule. Could virtual social interactions cause the same effect? Why in the world would an agency want to know? What did you think of the project?

While no one seemed very thrilled about the experiment, the biggest take-away from this analysis of the Global Period Project: enough with the pink already. Commenter "masbrooklyn" says, "Another misogynist attempt at marketing by men to women with Pepto-Bismol-Barbie pink."

There was also some confusion concerning the actual purpose of the project. Commenter "leilan1" speculates, "At first, I thought it might be another experimental buzz generator by P&G for its Tampax brand but, considering the completely cheesy, yet totally boring execution, I think not. The whole approach is one big yawn."

This week, we turn to a set of mock public services announcements starring Dean Cain. For Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8, the ex-Superman takes us through horrifying internet ailments and how the new version of the web browser is the cure. The spots include gratuitous puking, an angry old man and, of course, cute kittens, as well as what some might call impressive deadpan from Cain. We want to know if these ads, from Indianapolis-based agency Bradley and Montgomery, remind you of the little bit of strange that was the Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld Microsoft work from Crispin Porter +Bogusky. How do these spots stack up to recent Microsoft work, like JWT's Bing spots or Crispin's "I'm a PC"campaign? And, most importantly, are they funny, or just plain weird? Share your thoughts, below.

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