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Last week, it was Miller Lite's second go at Budweiser's pet Dalmatian. In it, the new pooch actually gets inspired by the first Miller commercial starring Bud's spotted canine. By the looks of the comments, when one isn't already in love with the Bud Dalmatian concept, it's hard to get it up for Miller's version. Or, as commenter Dukker puts it, "Horrible, senseless, humorless pandering. Please close whatever time-space wormhole resurrected the Bud frogs as Miller dalmatians. While on the subject, what is with the fetish of portraying animals as hardcore alcoholics? Why is that cool?" veedub writes: "Miller continues to create advertising purely their wholesalers. But at least the estate of Phil Lynott will get a few bucks. So that's good."

Queued up this week is Apple's "Facebook." No Thin Lizzy here, just a thin gadget. Like other members of the iPhone spot gallery, this one features the product front-and-center while a friendly finger prods around to show us all how amazing this thing is and how we MUST have one or risk being left behind in the digital dust. So, convinced? Or does the idea of uploading those Super Bowl party pics of Susie puking and Brent passed out with a Patriots-painted torso to Facebook while sitting in a public bathroom not make you tinkle your gadget-obsessed slacks? What's next? Showing us how we can get crystal clear image access to our favorite German porn site from the comfort of a church pew? Actually, on second thought, that might sell a few phones.

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