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Previously on Rate the Ad, the Tom Ford Eyewear print execution featuring a sunglass-clad woman biting a man's finger was up for debate. After it was published in three magazines, an Italian advertising watchdog group banned the ad nationally for evoking an offensive and abusive act against women. Surprisingly, no other ad in the highly sexually explicit campaign was banned. Is this particular ad especially offensive to the Rate the Ad crowd? Or was it just another stunt from controversial fashion designer Tom Ford? Commenter "4DDRTV" said the finger penetration detracted from the woman's sex appeal, while "ljones" called the ad "fiercely sexy, so strong and not at ALL degrading to women." Even though "dgirando" found the image "aggressive," he/she could still appreciate its artistic quality: "grown-up and provocative, beautifully cast and stylistically shot."

Chiming in with food for thought for media planners, "Quback" protested the placement of the ad: "They are very provocative images and there should be some limits on where they are shown. This image is on a huge billboard in LA and it's very inappropriate to have it there as many kids/teens will see it. It's potentially disturbing. However, in the pages of a woman's fashion mag, on the Tom Ford website or on late night TV, the image would seem okay as there will be very few impressionable kids stumbling upon it."

This week, we offer up a fake TV show from LG Electronics. The far-reaching integrated campaign included global print, OOH, digital and video shot in Bangkok to promote "Scarlet," a new TV series directed by "The Sopranos'" David Nutter, starring the steamy Natassia Malthe as a sought-after, red-eyed TV star. After nearly a month of promotional efforts, LG revealed that the show is a hoax; the TV show is not and never was going to air. The entire effort was meant to generate buzz around LG's new LCD flatscreen model, also named "Scarlet." But, the multiple executions and TV trailer never once mention LG or show us a logo. So what do you think, Rate the Adsters? Is this elliptical ad campaign going to move flatscreens off the shelves? Are we in an era of a new breed of marketing? What do you think about the hoax? Sneaky or brilliant?
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