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Last week on Rate the Ad, we offered up the second Evian spot starring babies doing un-baby-like things. From BETC Euro RSCG, the 2009 efforts finds a gaggle of infants zipping around on roller skates amidst fly tunes from a boombox. The effort has garnered lots of online attention (and 6 million You Tube views). But we wanted to know, is this how Evian makes you feel? Are the babies made out of plastic? Did the army of babies concept warrant a reprise in the first place?

Most Adsters say they'll definitely remember the spot, though some needed a little help making the connection from rollerskating babies to Evian.

Calling the babies' plastic sheen memorable, commenter "josiejoe says, "Are they plastic looking? Sure. Did they make me laugh? Hell yah! Will I remember it and the brand it represented? Definitely! Is there or isn't there a connection to the Evian water? That's subjective, but the most important focus of any campaign is 'Will the audience remember it and the product it was tied to?' My opinion is YES."

Representing those who couldn't find the link to the bottled water brand, commenter "pasha" couldn't help but smirk: "Amusing yet lacking. I'd remember the ad I just wouldn't remember Evian. Babies = youth and vitality = Evian doesn't establish a strong connection. Cute, 'real' six- or eight-year-olds dancing may have proved to be a better option, if we must insist on following this path. Though, I do think that the first iteration was where it should have ended."

This week on Rate the Ad, we look at the trailer for the fake spy film Microsoft 2010: The Movie from director Dennis Liu (you might remember him from a past Rate the Ad for The Bird & The Bee: Again & Again or from Saatchi's new directors showcase at Cannes). The trailer introduces an action-packed flick full of the requisite interrogations, murder and global chaos, this time framed within the world of Office products. As for the plot, there's the murder of Office's personified paper clip Clippy—he's the one that pops up in the corner of Word or Office to give you "tips" when you may or may not really need them. There's also a rogue font on the loose--it's somewhere between Arial and Wingdings. GASP! The trailer also has all the other spy movie trimmings: a sultry lady villain, the tormented special agent, some people speaking French. Well, what do you think? Does it work? Can Word and Excel measure up to Jason Bourne? Can we call this a refreshing and novel way to promote office software? Is Microsoft getting any closer to cool? How does Liu do with actors instead of desktop apps? Share your thoughts, below.
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