Rate the Ad: Miller Lite: Dalmatian II

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Last week's work from newly-christened 2008Scanadanvia got a big pat on the back from Rate-the-Ad-ers, with an eerie dearth of negativity from a normally dour bunch. Looks like that's enough for the number 6 spot on the combined Top 20. Rrrandrsf put it best, with a four star rating and this comment: "Nice and simple. This work is nowhere near bad enough to be on Rate the Ad. Where's the fun in saying "good job"?"

Hopefully this week we've got something you can be a bit more opinionated about: the new Miller Lite work from BBH. The brand's staying far away from the Super Bowl, but it's going right after Bud's best friend, the lovable ride-along Dalmatian. Does the strategy work, or is it a little heady for beer-drinkers who just like the pretty doggies? Is ad beef between major brewers equivalent to an argument that continues with "No, you do!" ad infinitum? And what are the dogs going to do when they catch the truck, anyway? Let us know in the comments here, or on the spot's proper page.
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