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Last week, we looked at porno-caricature virals for Snuff, the newest book from Chuck Palahniuk, author of Fight Club and Choke. These trailers for invented porn movies—"The Twilight Bone," "The Wizard of Ass" and "Chitty Chitty Gang Bang"—star the novel's focus, Cassie Wright, a porn priestess on her quest to topple the world record for serial fornication: 600. These fake promos might very well have been filmed in Palahniuk's basement and can satisfy anyone desirous of cheese. But, we asked, is it too much? Do they scream retro, grotesque delight? Or "What else is on YouTube?"

Rate the Ad loyalist "ljones" loves the aesthetic on the one hand, but didn't read "book" on its porno-trailer cover: "Oh it's great. Retro and catchy. Let's just say the titles alone are worth laughing or at least blushing. Sure it's risqué, but it's funny. It just isn't clear though, after the sizzle fizzles, exactly WHAT on earth is this about? So, A for artistic kitsch, but C on getting the message of the book out there clearly."

This time, we turn to an outdoor campaign that also involves body parts, except they're disembodied and in boxes at the local pharmacy. Swiss agency Saatchi & Saatchi Simko placed 16 hand-crafted body parts—in clear-front packages proclaiming "New Elbow for the 'trying the Roger Federer' type" and "New Wrist for the 'writing the next best seller' type"—in pharmacies, stacked like retail displays. The boxed ankles, knees and the like are part of an effort to promote joint pain medicine Voltaflex, and come in a variety of races and both genders, all with micro details like nail polish, hand-painted veins and strands of hair. Yep, that's right: toe hair. So, what do you think? Puke-tastic or brilliant? Would you trade in your blogs-too-much wrist for a new one, perfectly colored to match your skin tone, no less? Or, are you averting your child's eyes? Should we file this outdoor scheme under effective or frightening?
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