Rate the Ad: Qoob: Use It or Lose It

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Last week, we asked if you thought 24/7 access to Facebook would help you sip the iPhone Kool-Aid any faster. Commenter Dukker was hoping for a more Will-It-Blendian approach, saying, "Just another product demo. If they threw the damn thing into a cocktail shaker and added some Tide it would have been worth watching, but alas..." While sebatien_king had just a couple choice words, "Two Words: Mainstream Exploitation."

This week, we take a look at a print campaign by Leagas Delaney's Milan office for online video site Qoob.tv. Besides lacking a strategically placed "u," Qoob differs from YouTube in that it offers financial incentive to users with good ideas for creating short format content. So does photographer LSD's neo-psychedelic brainstorming get your motor running?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments here, or on the ad's proper page.
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