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Last week on Rate the Ad, we took a look at a faux trailer for an office software-themed spy movie. In director Dennis Liu's preview for Microsoft 2010: The Movie, we find out about the murder of Clippy the mildly annoying help icon, a rogue font wreaking havoc and a steamy villain committed to destroying the beige-cubicle world. We wanted to know what you thought of this unlikely movie concept and mish-mash of software and genre film. And, as often is the case, it looks like Adster opinion was fiery and drastically split.

Representing the most enthusiastic supporters of Microsoft ad-anything in quite some time, commenter "peter kwan" says, "You know what? Big win for Microsoft. Here's why. I didn't see a product mentioned at all in the Gates Seinfeld stuff, which wasn't even funny and confused a lot of people. The IE8 ads we watched a few weeks ago freaked me out because there were people literally vomiting which is gross, and Dean Cain will always be Superman. This is laugh out loud funny, and mentions the entire Office suite. Yes, it's hard to advertise software. But I didn't think good advertising from Microsoft was possible until seeing this, and that's hard for me to admit because I'm a harsh critic."

Turning to the other end of the spectrum, some people are still far from being won over from Microsoft and fleet of unusual ad tactics. Commenter "CiaoPaparazzi" says, "This is just like Office: bloated, overblown, inconsistent, expensive, and in general full of itself." This week, we turn to another online video for Samsung from The Viral Factory. Last time we saw Samsung on Rate the Ad, we were trying to figure out how an actor in the video made a camera phone disappear on YouTube. This time, Samsung pretends to have set up 32 hidden cameras to capture a live stunt: elephants bungee jumping out of a UFO flying over London's Piccadilly Circus. After the passersby scrambled to capture the spectacle on their phones, only one is able to show off a photo she snapped with her faster-than-pachyderms-on-rubberbands Samsung Jet. Well, what do you think? Is this an unworthy follow up to the YouTube Camera Trick? Or does it far excel the past web video mystery? What do you think about fake stunts staged to look like real ones? Do you get it? Love it? Want to watch it one more time? Share your thoughts, below.
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