Rate the Ad: Samsung: YouTube Camera Trick Challenge

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Last week on Rate the Ad, we took a look at an animated frolic featuring Tiger Woods and a forest of furry friends. For the Tiger-branded Gatorade Focus sports drink, TBWA, LA created a spot featuring a young cartoon Woods who works through moments of doubt with talking and singing animals. We wanted to know what you thought of the strange pairing of a kiddy Disney-aesthetic, self-confidence and the golf god himself. Well, when it came to an animated Woods and the outburst of song, there were a lot raised eyebrows in Rate the Ad Land.

Commenter "pv" says, "These are nice but I had to rewatch them when they came on TV because it was the biggest WTF I've experienced in months. These feel so far off brand....Tiger's so inspiring in the flesh, why not use that? This is a big fail in my humble opinion."

Attempting to discern the target demographic, "rdjwilliams" adds, "If the target market is elementary school-age kids who aspire to play golf and are not too jaded to enjoy the old school Disney-like theme, then this is on the mark. Otherwise, it's cute but ineffective."

This week, we turn to a little visual trickery from Samsung on YouTube. London-based The Viral Factory and the mobile handset provider posted a video that challenges the YouTube audience to figure out how they made a camera phone disappear without edits or effects. The video, shot entirely with the Samsung HD camera phone, features a man showing off the phone and a little magic. He eventually walks over to a mirror with the filming phone in hand, swipes his palm in front of the camera and makes the phone disappear. Voila! He then poses the question, how'd I do that? So, how many of you knew how they created the illusion before you read the comments section? What do you think of the tactic? Is this a clever way to engage the internet multitudes, or does it fall flat? Will we be seeing more ad-sponsored riddles online in the coming months? Share your thoughts or favorite magic tricks, below.
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