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Last week on Rate the Ad, we offered up the Facebook-released spot for the Palm Pre that features 1,000 martial artists. In the ad, from Modernista! and production company m ss ng p eces, Shaolin Tagou Kung Fu students perform in unison around a woman interacting with the new smart phone. We wanted to see if you could parse the spot's symbolism, or if the martial arts talent is well paired with technology, especially considering the explicit, product demo-like precedent the iPhone spots have set.

Well, it looks like the elliptical technique was in fact welcome, at least with commenter "Elrin." He says, "I loved the 'connected' imagery between phone and user as translated by the Shaolin. Music was serene and engaging. I was quite riveted. If you watch closely the martial arts does show itself. So no it's not a waste. Could you have used synchronized dancers/gymnasts/swimmers, in their own settings of course? Sure! But the impact of ease (through the Zen serenity scene supplied by local) of use displayed here was perfect. It gets the message across and I remember the product. Show me more! To me it is the first phone since the iPhone I have wanted to look at."

This week, we turn to a "social media experiment" from the Miami arm of agency SCPF. Running with the theory that the menstrual cycles of women in close proximity often synch up, the agency built the social networking tool Global Period Projectto see if it can replicate this effect with virtual contact. Can the women of the world get on the same period schedule via social networking? Yes or no, we're wondering what you think of the experiment. Is it social media's feminist celebration of the much maligned monthlies? A new frontier in gender studies? Social media curiosity run amok? Online community tools misapplied? Share your thoughts on the project and its execution, below.
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