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Well, we sure blinded you with science last week—opinion was split on the EU's Marie Curie Action "Chemical Party," a short showing young people bondin' like their electrons would never run out. Someone would be kind to bring a cold glass of water to "ljones," who writes "what is more sexy, primal and exciting than, well, CHEMISTRY! they don't call it chemistry for nuthin."' Stay away from those dangerous reagents, pal. On the other side is "platypus," presenting a very marsupial argument: "As a bit of a science geek, I love this spot. But I'm afraid if I weren't a bit of a science geek, I'd think it stupid. Clever idea, hiply kitschy production. In the end, though, it preaches to the choir and does nothing to encourage the non-science-leaning student to take a first, much less second, look at a life in the lab." "Hungry" (is that you, Hungry Man?) adds a little more info: "This was shown to a class of 200 chemistry students and they loved it!" Putting it in perspective is "Louis555," who writes "Regarding what one expects from the EU this one is really cool!!!" Not sure if you saw Directory of Community legislation in force; Louis555, now THAT was cool.

This week we're looking at a series of virals hyping the new Chuck Palahniuk (that's Paul-a-nick to you, author of Fight Club and Choke, among others) book Snuff, which Publisher's Weekly says "reads like a cross between the Spice Channel and Days of Our Lives." With that description, these virals seem perfectly couched in the book's area of focus; the faux-vintage porno trailers have titles like "The Twilight Bone" and "The Wizard of Ass." It'll be hard to one-up the 1976 film Snuff's marketing strategy, in which, Wikipedia tells us, "the film's distributor tacked on a new ending that allegedly depicts an actual murder. In order to generate buzz the producer wrote angry letters to the New York Times posing as a concerned citizen and hired actors to stand outside and protest against the film." How does Snuff '08 stack up? Is the retro-cheeze thick enough, or do they leave you unsatisfied?
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