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Last week, we offered up squeaky, balloon animal porn from agency Fitzgerald & Company for Durex condoms. In the Web-only viral, the CGI blown-up condom creatures, brought to frisky life by animation studio Superfad, throw modesty to the wind and threesome for the camera. We asked Rate the Ad to weigh in on the video, animated sex and all. When the laughter subsided and the votes were counted, the video got nearly unanimous kudos for CGI, sound design and, above all, hilarity. The ad's message and intent did, however, rouse a full-bodied debate.

One commenter, "tpetelle" finds the ad irresponsible and a little off target for a condom brand: "I must first begin by saying, hysterical. With that said, does the ad convey safe sex, or just another way to promote sex while disregarding the consequences? Through the web I am sure it is going to get great feedback from viewers saying how creative it is, that it takes condoms to another level of advertising. But maybe something that should be considered at the end is, instead of saying 'Get it on,' maybe 'Be safe, use Durex.'"

On the other hand, commenters like "organic10," think the bawdy humor speaks to the presumed target demo: I think it is hysterical! Any extra graphics or manipulation to this spot, would be too much and messy. It is clean, solid, and to the point. Oh, and did I mention HYSTERICAL! Plus, with the younger population being the major target audience here, it speaks of safety and fun....the one thing that will grab their attention."

This week, we drop in on a flash mob stunt that recently descended on a London train station. For T-Mobile, Saatchi London literally brought a playlist to life in Liverpool Street station with 350 dancers, who start performing a routine amidst commuters, seemingly out of nowhere. Hidden TV cameras captured the whole thing, including the witness's reactions, and a three-minute spot went on air less than 48 hours after filming. Well, what do you think of the stunt and the spot? Can a flash mob be effective on television? Does it remind you of that scene from Terry Gilliam's The Fisher King or Flash mobs from days of yore? Or, are you dancing in your chair, wishing you'd thought of it? Share your thoughts, below.
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