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Last week on Rate the Ad, we took a look at Crispin Porter + Bogusky's latest for Burger King. Crispin transformed the Burger King and a couple of similarly plastic-faced thugs into Kingons to hawk BK's Star Trek-themed drinking glasses. We asked Trekkies and otherwise, what do you think? Cool swag promo or enough already? Well, once again, Adsters were split. But, one thing's for sure: most everyone loves the nipple twist.

Representing the defenders of the Kingons, commenter l.21 says, "It's fast food, not dining with royalty. Part of BK's brand is silliness. It's funny and speaks to their target audience--adult males 20-40 stuck in their teens. You really think they're going to come just for the cups? Hee hee, nipple twist."

And on the other side were those sick of the creepy King and ready for Crispin to serve up a new angle. Commenter "doctorsid" says, "It's not quite as bad as the spoof on Spongebob, but this is pretty lame as well. I think in the age of special effects, real creativity has taken a back seat. The King needs a makeover for sure."

This week, we stay on the topic of movie marketing and peek in on what's happening in the Tweetosphere. For the upcoming release of Terminator Salvation, Sony Pictures Entertainment created a Twitter-based game. Resistance 2018 lets "members of the human resistance"—we're guessing that means fans of the movie—communicate with each other and intercept communications. Fans follow @resistance2018 and can decode or answer its tweets to win points. The Resistance 2018 blog has more on game play.

Elsewhere in the world of marketing on Twitter, Interscope Records and Los Angeles agency Omelet also used Twitter in April to create buzz around Eminem's upcoming release "Relapse." Shady twittered the below photo of himself checking into a rehab center called Popsomp Hills—Popsomp is fictitious and so is Eminem's relapsed prescription pills abuse. Read Popsomp Hills slowly: Pop Some Pills. The twitpic was the beginning of an extensive integrated campaign surrounding Popsomp Hills.

Well, are these just the beginning of the many Twitter marketing campaigns to come? Are they successful? Will you be signing up to follow the Terminator game? What's your take on marketing on Twitter in general? Share your thoughts, below.

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