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In deconstructing this edit, I reviewed every version that I had done, from the very first one to the final client-approved version that aired. Rick Lemoine and Steve Miller, who directed "Amnesia" for @radical media, did an incredible job of shooting various editorial options. So, in most setups I had lots of choices to make. The trick in this was to find the right balance between the humor and the narrative. The objective was to end up with the leanest cut that hit all its marks and still got laughs.

The main story I had to communicate was that of the boss' predicament worsening as time went on. There were many different ways to tell this story with all of the footage I had, so I cut various versions using different shots. In certain cuts, you'd see the man hitting his head on the floor after slamming into the file cabinet. In some cuts, the boss would turn and go to the meeting anyway, while in others he would stay and look blankly at the man on the floor. After a lot of experimentation, the cut worked better if more time was spent on the reaction of the boss to the file cabinet fiasco.

Toward the end, I had to choose between a closeup and a wide shot of the second man hitting his head on the table. Throughout the process, there was much discussion about whether a closeup of this would be too over-the-top, and if the wide shot was funnier. I decided to use the closeup because it exaggerated the moment and played the funniest.

In all of these versions, the dazed man who hit the file cabinet comes into the boardroom at the end and mimics his boss asking the clients if they wanted "coffee". After reviewing the different cuts, the agency decided that having him come back at the end was a "joke on a joke on a joke," and was not needed. It was decided to end the spot on the boss's reaction to the clients. With that time saved from the back of the spot, I could then spend more time throughout the rest of the spot to set up the two head hits, and give more time to the reaction shots. This let the spot play out at a better pace and left room for the laughs.

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